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Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
that they needed something had me to get down end there. >> the fbi stated this day can i get about a time or a place to where they will start. >> decision 20 12th. we are counting down to the only first vice president of debate. >> republican vice president paul ryan fell to comfortable about the debate. he expressed that he was nervous going up against joe biden. >> he has been on this big stage for many times and i have been doing my own work. >homework. >> and an obama spokesperson stated that joe biden is looking forward to the debate tonight. biden's background provides information on foreign background. both of them have worked with experts behind the scene. >> michael e. daugherty is here the polls are tightening of all because the president refused to answer romney's questions on the last presidential debate. >> vice president debates are just reference to the president. this will be a little bit different because you have a campaign that is on the rise. i believe that joe biden really needs to step it up to night. tonight. >> bottom line is cut we see some fireworks tonight? >> i
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
for some clues to help solve this homicide. >> a team of fbi crime scene investigators or outside of the home and hercules. they removed bed f beck's of possib that cost of evidence that would help them solve this crime. there was and how this stab wound and there may be a small blood trail that we cannot say.could not see. the preliminary autopsy revealed that she was stabbed to and had a blood force trauma to her head. we do not have a weapon at this point so we cannot speculate to what kind of weapon that it was. this is her husband of more than 30 years and he stated that he is unclear whether or not the suspect knew his wife. her husband works in navajo through the week and he returns on the weekend. >> was born home ok when you arrived? he stated that herkimer this to rule out back is missing and they are looking for her car. >> her children has flown into the area to help support the father and one another during this difficult situation. they have created web sites and they spoke with kron 4 about their efforts. neighbors said they saw her earlier today. i don't know if th
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of these concerns has been my request to have the fbi help us. >> steve maurice admitting that this mass grave they could have done things differently. and typically, they criticize the heavy machinery used in this search there remain of a child's bone was mixed up and not identified. >> based on this report that we have we do not have anything that says that it is a child. >> joined hobsons is and this gravesite linked to the speak freak dollars. separate anthropologist's say that speed freak-colors and a bette speed freak killers gravesite. however, the remains of my five year-old was also mixed in with her remains. it is too soon to say that the office or expert next up. >> it looks terrible at this point. -- messed up.hing that i and did not know i hate to not want to do that. i will find the additional facts and i will get the additional information to find. >> this is a 9 year-old the mother she spoke yesterday. her daughter went missing in 1998,--99 the 8 -- 1988. she has been upset with the heavy machinery used in this search. trade are stone, kron 4 news. >> they're ripping two people
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3